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Thalia Launch Site off Virginia Beach Blvd

Coastal Virginia Community Rowing currently practices at the public Thalia Launch site near Town Center. All eleven high schools are less than a 25 min. drive to this location.  The best address to use is 421 Thalia Drive Virginia Beach, Va 23452.

Thalia launch site is a city owned location that is also enjoyed by many community members participating in other water sport activities and organized clubs such as softball. To work hand in hand with these other community members we encourage and insist that our athletes and parents abide by the pick up/drop off, and parking procedures listed below. Doing so will  only improve our relationship with our community and our much needed support from the city to continue to grow the sport of Rowing in Virginia Beach.

CVCR Launch Site.png


Recommended drop off/pick up:

1) Thalia elementary school parking lot   just past the EMS center on Thalia Dr.

2) Thalia Lynn Baptist church (next to PA High School

3) Aldi's/Willis Wayside parking lot across from the EMS center.

Please, do not use the Bay Beach Veterinary Center, or enter the access road that leads to the launch site. There will be cars parked along the edge of the access road, these cars are affiliated with the softball league which as been practicing there for 20+ years and we are working on growing our relationship with them. 



Parking is available at the locations listed in the parent drop off/pick up section above. There are no parking agreements with the local vendors however, we have never experienced an issue parking at these locations. There is to be no parking along the access road to the launch site. 

A few friendly reminders: 

1) Drive safely into the parking lots, and be aware of students and pedestrians in the area.

2) Abide by all 'no parking signs' and 'handicap' signs in the area.

3) While in the parking lots, and walking to/from practice please remember your actions are representing yourself first, followed by your family, and then the CVCR organization. We trust you will help us by making the right impression when it comes to our rowing community!

Join us at Coastal Virginia Community Rowing today.

Thalia Drop/Off & Parking: Membership
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